Hosted Services

We provide realistic and functional solutions that best fulfill your daily IT needs. You will not be innundated with superfluous IT products - instead we offer you what your business needs to move forward in today's environment.

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ManibelaIT guarantees daily backups of your servers. If you need more, you can get more. It's that simple - with ManibelaIT your needs will be met. We also ensure backups of your Homepages and Databases every hour, with a return time of 8 calendar days.

Secure Cloud Services

Have your own cloud with a secured connection, realtime synchronization to your clients and full control over permission settings for folders and files. Ask us for more information and an individual setup!

IT Hosting & Consulting

We provide high quality Hosting products & IT Consulting to ensure the availability of your systems such as dedicated servers, vServers or even a personal Homepage.

ManibelaIT - Hosting & Consulting

As a Swiss StartUp Company, we are establishing ourselves with simplistic yet particularly individual IT solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of our clients' needs enables us to work effectively without a customer hotline. A high degree of innovation separates us from the pack and gives us a distinct advantage over slower, more antiquated business models. Every single customer´s project drives ManibelaIT to achieve more than before.

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Awesome services...

Awesome services...
Contact us for professional IT consulting.

Exactly what you need...

Exactly what you need...
We will be glad to make you an individual offer, because fixed products do not always contain what you really need. Bring it on — we want to hear from you!

Tailored services...

Tailored services...
A strong personal relationship with our Clients is our biggest asset. Waiting in the hotline-queue is a Thing of the past. We'd rather meet you in person, perhaps over a cup of Joe, to discuss your individual needs.